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School Links Student with Father Serving in Afghanistan
School Links Student with Father Serving in Afghanistan


Sterling Elementary School second-grader Griffin Moore got a nice surprise when he learned at a school-wide assembly that he had been named the school’s Golden Rule Award winner for the month of November.  Upon receiving the award from Principal Kelly Howe, he got an even bigger surprise when he turned around to see his father waving to him from a video image being projected onto the school gym wall.

Griffin’s father is currently serving at an undisclosed location in Afghanistan as a member of the U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division.

Spc. Chan Moore viewed the entire award ceremony live via a Skype video connection that staff at Sterling Elementary School arranged through the U.S. Army.  Chan Moore, 40, enlisted two years ago when the struggling economy severely affected his business as a residential construction contractor.  He deployed in September and is not scheduled to return to the states for R&R until July.  This is the first Christmas that Moore will not spend with his family, that also includes wife Gayle and daughter Reece, a student at Jane Macon Middle School.

Though the video link was supposed to be a surprise, Gayle Moore admitted that her husband let the cat out of the bag before the school assembly on Friday, Dec. 9.  Armed with that knowledge and plenty of tissues, she and her daughter joined Griffin at the podium to say hi and to tell their husband and father how much he is missed.

As his classmates were leaving the gym after the assembly, Griffin was asked how it felt to see his dad.  Despite losing his voice to a cold, he managed to say “great” with a big, toothy grin.

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