St. Marys Police arrest alleged money counterfeiter

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- Police in St. Marys say they have arrested the man responsible for making bogus twenty-dollar bills as part of a counterfeit scheme in Southeast Georgia.

A Facebook post by the St. Marys Police Department says Jacorey Anderson, 25, was arrested Monday after police were able to gain new information into the scheme.

Police say several of Anderson's fake twenty-dollar bills were used at businesses in Camden County.

A search of Anderson's home reportedly yielded a printer used for counterfeiting as well as drug manufacturing materials.

Anderson was booked into the Camden County Sheriff's Office Public Safety Complex and faces charges of possession of drug manufacturing equipment and forgery.

Navy wife allege disabled son assaulted at Kings Bay youth center

KINGSLAND, Ga. -- Melody Munroe, Navy wife and mother of five, is fighting for her disabled child.

"I think some believe I am out to get the Navy," she said.

Recently she posted her concerns on CNN's iReport. The title was a question: why is there no help?

"I want accountability," said Munroe. "I want them to accept that they did not protect my son."

Munroe said over the summer, between June 1 and August 4, her down syndrome child attended a day camp at the youth center on Kings Bay submarine base.

"He's nine years of age with the cognitive understanding of a four year old," she said.

She said she noticed he was acting differently, but didn't think much of it.

Get a free, sober ride home tonight

JACKSONVILLE, FLA-- We want you to get the new year started off safely so put this number in your phone, 885-286-9246.

855-286-9246 is the phone number to AAA's Tow-To-Go program.  You don't have to be a AAA member to use the service, it just gets you a safe, free ride home and saves you from driving intoxicated.

"New Year's Eve is the busiest night of the year for the Tow to Go program because so many motorists seem to be more inclined to use a designated driver but don't always have someone willing to be one in their own party during the biggest celebration of the year," said Gerry Gutowski, Sr. Vice President, Automotive Services, AAA–The Auto Club Group. "We prepare our call center teams and tow truck service providers for weeks in advance, so we can manage the increased call volume that's typical of this time of year."

Authorities investigating after structure catches fire

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- Authorities are investigating after a structure caught fire Saturday at the site of the former Gilman Paper Company mill.

Officials with the St. Marys Fire Department told First Coast News the fire is now 100 percent contained, though there are some "hot spots" remaining.

Firefighters will keep a truck on scene overnight, officials said.

Lieutenant Shannon Brock with the St. Marys Police Department said his agency was called to the scene, located at 1 Marchi Drive, about 5:15 p.m.

When police arrived, firefighters were on scene, working to bring the flames under control, Brock said in a telephone interview.

"Somehow or another, it just caught fire," he said. "...It'll be on the ground before it's over."

Because the structure -- an old maintenance shed at the defunct mill -- is abandoned, there have been no reported injuries, Brock said.

There is no word yet on a cause.

Ga. family told loan modification no longer valid

WAVERLY, Ga. -- Debra Warner is worried about her home and  mortgage company.

"I'm not going to lose our home and be bullied by any bank," Warner said. 

In 2012 it took her six months to work out a mortgage loan modification with Bank of America. 

"We were happy because we were able to keep our home," Warner said.

It was not easy she said; after proving eligibility they had to get through the three month payment trial period successfully.

According to her payment schedule the Warner's paid their mortgage on time, then and now. But in 2013, their mortgage was transferred to Greentree servicing.

"I'm being punished for paying early which I've never been punished for that before," said Warner.

Greentree was still accepting her modified payments. 

"They're cashing my checks but now they're telling me it wasn't a valid modification," she said. 

Consumers asked to prepare for winter energy costs

ATLANTA (AP) - The Georgia Public Service commission is reminding consumers to prepare for winter weather by weatherizing their households, enrolling in budget billing programs and conserving energy if possible.

Officials said Tuesday they expect natural gas costs for residential customers to be roughly the same as they were last year.

Officials say consumers have several options to lessen the economic burden of paying for higher energy bills during months of cold weather.

Commission spokesman Bill Edge says consumers - especially those on fixed incomes - should begin looking into budget billing options to avoid unexpected spikes in power rates, or enroll in the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program through the state Department of Human Services.

Edge says consumers can also get help from the Georgia Environmental Financing Authority to weatherize their households.

Ga. airport ups security despite outcry from Navy

ST. MARY'S, Ga. (AP) - An airport authority board in coastal Georgia has voted to move ahead with an improvement project despite objections from the U.S. Navy. 

The Brunswick News reports members voted Wednesday to erect a security fence around the facility after runway lighting systems were vandalized three times.

Authority board member Frank Drane says the group has to do more to keep the facility safe while Navy officials say they want to authority to move the airport away from Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.

Officials say the airport has posed security and safety threats to the base since before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. Authority member Frank Frasca says uncertainty over the airport's future has prevented officials from attracting new tenants.