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Ga. family told loan modification no longer valid

WAVERLY, Ga. -- Debra Warner is worried about her home and  mortgage company.

"I'm not going to lose our home and be bullied by any bank," Warner said. 

In 2012 it took her six months to work out a mortgage loan modification with Bank of America. 

"We were happy because we were able to keep our home," Warner said.

It was not easy she said; after proving eligibility they had to get through the three month payment trial period successfully.

According to her payment schedule the Warner's paid their mortgage on time, then and now. But in 2013, their mortgage was transferred to Greentree servicing.

"I'm being punished for paying early which I've never been punished for that before," said Warner.

Greentree was still accepting her modified payments. 

"They're cashing my checks but now they're telling me it wasn't a valid modification," she said. 

The Warner's home is also protected by a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing.

But this issue came to a head when Greentree filed a motion for 'Relief from stay' to essential remove their home from bankruptcy protection so the company can begin foreclosure or require the Warner's to go through another mortgage modification.

"It doesn't make sense to me and it feels like we're being bullied," said Warner.

Warner said it is just not fair to her family or anyone else in a similar fight.

"It is not right that people lose their homes and the banks are pushing you around it has to stop," she said. "It has to stop!"

Greentree Servicing has yet to respond to our inquiry.

Patricia Parker of Parker and Dufresne said they are seeing more and more complaints involving loan modifications that have been transferred to another loan company.

Parker said they usually have to sue the mortgage company in federal court.

First For You:

Keep copious records of what you send a mortgage company

Never rely on the mortgage company recording keeping

If you have questions always consult an attorney


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