Bat tests positive for rabies in St. Marys | News

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Bat tests positive for rabies in St. Marys

CAMDEN COUNTY, Ga. -- The Camden County Health Department is urging all residents to protect themselves from rabies after a bat in St. Marys tested positive.

If a bat is seen during the day, or in a place where they are not normally found, it should be avoided, as it might be rabid, according to a release from the CCHD.

Residents are encouraged to call Animal Control for assistance with "bat-proofing" their home. Rabies is also spread by animals such as skunks, racoons and foxes.

The CCHD offers these tips to protect against rabies:

- Keep vaccinations up to date for all dogs, cats and ferrets.
- Do not bring wild animals into your home. Call Animal Control for assistance with sick animals.
- Do not attract wild animals by leaving pet food or open garbage cans out overnight.

If an animal ever bites you, seek medical care immediately and contact Camden County Animal Control at 912-576-7395 and the Camden County Health Department Environmental Health Division at 912-729-6012.


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