911 call released in Glynn County home invasion

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. -- The 911 call from a woman who was trying to save her neighbor after she had been shot in the head following an Oct. 4 home invasion robbery has been released.

According to a detective at the Glynn County Police Department, the woman is recovering from her injuries.

On the call, which is more than five minutes long, Sybrina Kneff can be heard trying to keep her neighbor calm and conscious while waiting for emergency personnel to arrive.

"They're coming baby, they're coming," Kneff said to her neighbor.

Kneff tells the 911 operator that her neighbor was shot at three times and the 911 operator instructs her to put towels on the woman's face and apply pressure.

2 in custody after Glynn County home invasion

GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. -- Police in Glynn County have two men in custody after a home invasion that left one woman shot in the face on Thursday.

Police were searching for a possible third suspect, but Glynn County Police Chief Matt Doering called off the search. Drugs were found, but no gun.

Southbound lanes of the Sidney Lanier Bridge were closed for several hours after the suspects led police on a high speed 25-mile chase. Onlookers report the lanes are now open.

According to the Glynn County Police Department, a woman came home at about 11:45 a.m. Thursday morning and reported finding two men inside her home.

The woman, who is expected to survive, told officers that one of the men shot her in the face and she fled to a neighbors house to call 911. The call initially came in as three males fighting on Godley Road.

Navy wants St. Marys airport moved

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- The Navy has called for the relocation of the St. Mary's Airport after two skydivers who took off from the airport landed inside the perimeter of Kings Naval Submarine Base.
The Florida Times-Union reports that base commander on Monday called for the relocation of the airport, where The Jumping Place skydiving business is based.
Two skydivers missed the airfield along Georgia's coast on Aug.12 and landed on the high-security submarine base less than three miles away.
The St. Mary's Airport Authority last week revoked the company's operating permit. In spite of that and posted trespass warnings, the company took off with dozens of skydivers Saturday. Four received warnings from police and five were cited.
Owners of the business said they tell skydivers to never land on the submarine base.

Now is the time for an insurance checkup

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The images from Tropical Storm Beryl speak volumes and remind us that hurricane season is upon us. But sometimes, these reminders are not enough for even the most seasoned Floridian.

Dick Jackson sees hurricane preparedness through rose colored glasses.

"Just go with the flow," he said, "I am probably under-insured."

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While it is difficult to prepare for blown over trees and wind-damaged roofs, when it comes to a natural disaster, you want to be sure that you're properly insured.

Airport plans meeting after skydivers land on base

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- Airport officials in St. Marys plan a special meeting to address security concerns after two skydivers missed the airfield along Georgia's coast and landed on a high-security submarine base.
The Florida Times-Union reports that airport officials are planning the meeting for Wednesday.
Officials say they want to know what steps have been taken by a skydiving business to ensure that it doesn't happen again.
The U.S. Navy briefly held the two skydivers in custody earlier this month after they landed on the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base. They were released once their identities were verified.

Bomb threat made on St. Marys theater vendor; no bombs found

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- A bomb threat was made on a vendor used by the Kings Bay Stadium Cinemas 9 on Friday, but no bombs were found on the premises, according to Lt. S.D. Brock with the St. Marys Police Department.

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As a precaution, the theater's home office asked law enforcement to sweep all of their locations that use that vendor, according to Bo Chambliss with the theater's home office.

Chambliss could not comment on what type of vendor received the threat or which other locations were swept.

The threat, which was made at an unknown time, stated that there were nine bombs total in the building, Brock said.

A K-9 Unit from Kings Bay Submarine Base searched the theater and no bombs were found.

Boat manufacturer: Suspect would have known how to burn boat

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- The St. Marys Police Department has released more details in a double homicide/arson case involving two skeletons found on a burned boat Monday, and a suspect who was killed Wednesday.

The boat belongs to Karen Barnes, who has been missing and is David Trauger's ex-wife. Larry Ford, who owns a boat that was located near Barnes' boat, has also been missing.

Trauger was killed by police on Wednesday.