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Navy wife allege disabled son assaulted at Kings Bay youth center

KINGSLAND, Ga. -- Melody Munroe, Navy wife and mother of five, is fighting for her disabled child.

"I think some believe I am out to get the Navy," she said.

Recently she posted her concerns on CNN's iReport. The title was a question: why is there no help?

"I want accountability," said Munroe. "I want them to accept that they did not protect my son."

Munroe said over the summer, between June 1 and August 4, her down syndrome child attended a day camp at the youth center on Kings Bay submarine base.

"He's nine years of age with the cognitive understanding of a four year old," she said.

She said she noticed he was acting differently, but didn't think much of it.

"I saw different signs but I attributed them to my husband being deployed," she said.

Munroe said then she saw her 9-year-old acting out with his younger sibling.

"That's when he revealed to me what had happened," she said.

Through conversation and questioning, Munroe says her down syndrome child told her he was assaulted by another child while at the youth center.

"He told us a young boy had hurt him in his butt and made him cry," she said.

Munroe said there were two incidents. She said when she cried for help she felt no one took her seriously.

"The red tape I had to go through for two and a half weeks was completely ridiculous," she said, "they need to change their policies."

She said the trauma has created undue stress on the family.

"I have felt an enormous amount of guilt over this because there were signs," she said. "With his cognitive delay I thought I had time to teach good touch bad touch, I didn't have time and it has affected my family."

Munroe has filed a complaint with DCF. Deputy William Terrell with the Camden Sheriff's Office said there is an active investigation.

Scott Bassett, spokesperson for NSB Kings Bay, said there's little he can say they are waiting on the local authorities to complete their investigation.

"This is a close knit community," said Bassett. "Any discussions of any child being injured we take seriously."

He said the Navy cannot run an investigation parallel to local law enforcement. He said they have to wait and see what they can do.

Munroe said she is determined to get justice for her child. She said she would hate for another parent to experience what she has experienced.

"I would say to any parent if you ever find yourself in this situation believe your child," said Munroe. "They need to know that you're gonna fight for them and don't take no for an answer."


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