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Now is the time for an insurance checkup

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The images from Tropical Storm Beryl speak volumes and remind us that hurricane season is upon us. But sometimes, these reminders are not enough for even the most seasoned Floridian.

Dick Jackson sees hurricane preparedness through rose colored glasses.

"Just go with the flow," he said, "I am probably under-insured."

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While it is difficult to prepare for blown over trees and wind-damaged roofs, when it comes to a natural disaster, you want to be sure that you're properly insured.

In Florida, condo living is popular and usually, the association has a master policy that protects the common areas. But condo owners still need to be insured.

David Miller, CEO of Brightway Insurance, said condo owners need insurance to cover their own possessions.

"As a condo owner you have contents, you have liability and everything in between," said Miller.

If you own a traditional home, you'll need homeowners insurance to protect the building and what is inside. Ask your agent if the policy will replace your loss at cash value or replacement costs.

"If you have replacement costs, you will get new things versus having things depreciated," said Miller,"Many people don't realize the impact; it can be significant."

Miller said this is one place you don't want to cut corners; he said to get replacement coverage.

Now is also the time to take inventory of your possessions. Go room to room. Create your inventory.

"At the time of a loss if your house blows away or burns down, the insurance company is going to ask you what did you have," said Miller, "You are not going to remember. If you have a video, you can go through and make a list after the fact."  


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