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Deacon of Kingsland church arrested for child molestation

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- A deacon of a Kingsland church is arrested for two counts of child molestation and police are asking parents to come forward if they believe their child is a victim.

First Coast News visited Jones Rivers's house not once, but twice. Rivers is out of jail on a $11,700 bond after being arrested on October 10th for two counts of child molestation.

St. Marys Police raided his home on Thoroughbred Road a few months ago and received results from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation that indicated Rivers allegedly had computer hard drives with images of child porn featuring children of ages 12 and under. The investigation also includes more than 100-pornographic DVDs.

In a press release, the St. Marys Police Department reports that a four and seven-year-old told police that Rivers's had touched them inappropriately and police believe the 7-year-old was also exposed to pornography on his home computer.

Police aren't saying how Rivers knew the children and are not disclosing the name of the church Rivers's is a deacon for in case there are more victims. The arrest is the talk of his neighborhood.

"Well of course we were shocked because it's a very quiet neighborhood. About half of the residents back in this area are retired and we've lived here about six years and we've never had any problems. We were very surprised," said Christine Jay, a neighbor who lives just two doors away from Rivers.

St. Marys Police want community members to call Criminal Investigations Division at 912-882-4488 if they know of someone who could be a victim.


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