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Energy Audit Employee Quits Job Over Harrassing Calls
Energy Audit Employee Quits Job Over Harrassing Calls

ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Vincent Beneduce says he worked for energy audit companies for eight days before he quit.

He did not like their sales techniques, he said, calling them relentless and misleading. "They way they're harassing people to get these appointments is unethical and it is dishonest."

In fact, there have been viewer complaints to First Coast News of incessant calls from companies offering free energy audits, and ultimately sales of energy saving products.

Beneduce still has his appointment book of glossy graphics and lists of reasons a homeowner should buy energy saving devices at a high price.

"If they were honest they wouldn't have to call people 30 times and that is the dishonest part that I am talking about," he said.

When asked about his employer, Beneduce gave the names of several companies. It's not a quick answer.

Beneduce said he applied to Direct Installation Services of Longwood through a job listing on Craigslist; he was trained by SDI Solar of West Palm and paid by Modern Alternative Energy. His sales package named Eco-Shield of Jacksonville as the company supplying the materials.

"They never asked me for a copy of my driver's license, never ran a background check, never did the drug test on me and made these appointments to go into homes," said Beneduce.

After four days of training, mostly on how to make the sale, he said he started making appointments. 

But too many customer complaints made him walk away from his job, he said. "I won't work under those circumstances, this field has enough bad press as it is," said Beneduce.

He believes in the products, he said, but feels he had to blow the whistle on what he calls the misrepresentations.

Beneduce insists that although his employer owes him money, he is not a disgruntled worker, just an energy analyst trying to what's right.

"People need to start reporting some of these bad companies so the good companies can shine," he said. 

Only one of the three companies listed in his sales package is Better Business Bureau Accredited with an A rating: SDI Solar. The owner did not return my calls.

There is no listing for Eco Shield, but the company is not BBB accredited and has an F rating.

Gary Martin of Direct Installation Services said he does not know Beneduce and his company is not responsible for the calls. Martin said his company just installs products.

The BBB gave DIS an A rating. 


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