Actor William Baldwin Promotes Faith Based Movie

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- William Baldwin has played many roles in a long list of movies, but the actor is walking into a role he has never played before, the coach of a blind football player.

"I know football very well and I know coaching very well," said Baldwin.

Baldwin is the coach in the faith based movie 'Blind Faith' which is being filmed in Jacksonville.

The movie is the story of Mike Chastain who had completely lost his vision,through an accident and a disease, when he decided to play high school football, and he did.

"I happen to be at the right place at the right time, that just means I happen to be at a school with a coach that would give me that chance," said Chastain.

"Think about it a totally blind kid playing a violent game like football," he added.

Georgia Man Waiting for Call of a Lifetime

ST. MARYS, Ga. - A self-described political junkie, Nicholas Taylor may get a chance to have an impact on the political process at Thursday's GOP debate in Jacksonville.

"I was thrown off guard," said Taylor.  "Last night I got the phone call and I'm telling you, I was so excited.  I was happy." 

The King's Bay Navy technician applied to get a seat at the event at the University of North Florida's Lazzarra Performance Hall.  CNN, which is putting on the debate, required everyone who wanted a ticket to submit a question that they would like to ask the candidates. 

Possible Murder Weapon Found in Connection with Soldier's Death

KINGSLAND, Ga. -- The investigation into the November shooting death of a local soldier ramped up over the weekend, leading to the discovery of the possible murder weapon.

According to the Camden County Sheriff's Office, two men found the body of 25-year-old James A. Willis off Union Carbide Road, near the entrance to Cabin Bluff, on Nov. 15.

Willis was killed with a single gunshot wound to the head, Deputy William Terrell indicated in a news release this afternoon.

Three people were arrested for the murder, including a soldier from Ft. Stewart, which is also where Willis was based.  Specialist Jeffrey Cole Eicher, 23, of Ft. Stewart, Aaron James Paxton, 36, of St. Marys, and Timothy Dale Pennington, 39, of Kingsland, all face murder charges.

Three School Buses Stolen from Kingsland Lot

KINGSLAND, Ga. -- Three school buses worth about $300,000 were apparently stolen from their parking lot over the long weekend.

According to Kingsland Police Department Lt. Todd Tetterton, school employees noticed the three buses were gone upon returning Wednesday from the long weekend for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Tetterton said the three all are painted with the standard school bus color scheme: yellow with white roofs and strobe lights on top.

The buses, made in 2004, 2008 and 2012, are marked with Camden County identification along the sides.

Two of the missing buses are "flat-fronted," Tetterton said, like a transit bus, and the third has a standard truck-like front.

Tetterton said the buses were apparently taken from the bus depot adjacent to Camden County High School, where buses are parked when not in use and for fueling and maintenance.

Photographers are Heroes Helping Heroes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Heroes helping heroes.

In this week's Hero Central, local photographers are making sure military families remember their heartwarming moments.

Lauren Ilagan's moment is her husband's homecoming.

Her wait for his return at Naval Air Station King's Bay and the moment they were reunited were documented in professional pictures, thanks to a non-profit called Operation Love Reunited.

"It's just a chance to kind of build that morale and our way of giving back to them," said Kara Trimmer, a photographer with OpLove.

She's one of several dozen photographers for this region; there are thousands across the country.

Trimmer feels professional photos are something service members deserve, even if they can't afford them. Because of that, OpLove photographers do them for free.

Camden County HS Wrestling Team Wins State Championship

The Camden County High School wrestling team won the Georgia state championship in Class AAAAA this past weekend in Macon.

It's the first time that a team outside of the Metro Atlanta area has won it all in this classification since 1987.  In the past four years, the Wildcats have finished 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and now 1st in the state.

Camden's team is now ranked 21st in the country according to the Amateur Wrestling News

Parking Lot Rescue Repair Scam Targets Seniors

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It was 11:30 a.m. when 75-year-old Norman Delehanty parked his car in the same area he always parks at the Walmart on Normandy Boulevard.

"I had just put something in the trunk and I hear a voice behind me," he said.

The voice behind him came from a man who claimed he was a mechanic and that he saw something wrong with the front tire on Delehanty's Ford 500.


Delehanty said the man took the wheel off Delehanty's vehicle and told him there was a problem with the brakes and calipers. "He had me get in the car and pump the brakes; then he said he need $120 to buy parts to repair the brakes."