Photo Gallery | 16 Women Graduate First Self-Defense Class

Sheriff Tommy Gregory and Master Craig Peeples of Pak’s Karate teamed up in March to provide a free four-week self-defense course of instruction for women. The classes, designed by an FBI instructor, were taught every Wednesday evening in March at Pak’s In Kingsland. The classes were taught by Master Peeples and his staff. A short graduation ceremony following the final class was held on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

In the classes the women learned a variety of techniques to better protect themselves from attack and to escape from attack. The importance of staying out of potentially dangerous situations, remaining calm with the use of controlled breathing, situational awareness, the use of voice commands and physical defense techniques were especially emphasized.

Sheriff Gregory said the women participating in the class were very motivated.           

“At the beginning I’m not sure they knew what to expect but by the end of the course they were very actively engaging and practicing these invaluable techniques. Hopefully they will never need this training in a real attack but if just one woman is able to avoid one dangerous situation we will all be very happy. I want to thank Master Peeples and his staff for the use of their building and for their efforts in teaching this class.”

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